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Most of our clients require additional Sales Staff within 2-3 months of partnering with Prebo

Only 3% of Google Partners are Premier Google Partners in South Africa. And we happen to be one of them.

Achieving Google Premier status is a big deal in the industry; it means being recognised as one of the top 3% of Google Partners in South Africa.

In order to qualify as one of Google’s Premier Partners, the expectations and criteria are rigorous; an agency must continuously tick Google's boxes of performance for clients, specialist knowledge and product certification.

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Our campaigns attract and convert.

There is no doubt that across the digital marketing landscape, Google Ads is a tried and tested way to boost and optimise your online and offline conversions.

Google Ads facilitates the targeting of extremely specific consumers on their sales journey and help engage your target audience with highly relevant product offerings or service solutions. But a Google Ads campaign is nothing without the right strategy...

Win on Amazon!

Over the past decade, Amazon has redefined the retail sector in an unprecedented way, making it possible for every entrepreneur to be a professional retailer without the hassle of having to have a physical store. Globally, consumers are also shopping more on Amazon every year as the product offering and customer experience improve.

And now, South African businesses can list and sell their goods on Amazon worldwide and prepare for the launch of Amazon in South Africa which is huge for online sellers and local entrepreneurs selling products with international and local demand.

Get social with your customers.

Social media ads are a quintessential tool for establishing a brand presence which has the power to turn browsers into customers. Social media plays such a vital role in all stages of a user’s journey and we understand how to use these platforms all the way from awareness to purchase or sign up.

Based on data and platform insights, and our experience, we make sure your budget spend is focused on contributing to your overall sales or leads at a profitable rate for sustainable growth and long term success.

Tested and Proven SEO Services.

SEO is not only about ranking for popular terms; it’s about being found when it matters most. Give your business the edge with an SEO strategy that is tailored to your business objectives. With our SEO services and digital practices, you can maximise your online presence and rank highly in organic online searches.

Our SEO experts will help optimise your website content to reach more customers by researching the right keywords for your business. 

The best of neuromarketing & machine learning.

Customer behaviour is intrinsic to conversion rate optimization, as it helps you understand your website’s usability and gain insights into your customer’s journey, effectively meeting your goals.

By combining the best of neuromarketing, machine learning, UX conversion design and data analysis, we will help you better understand your customers’ behaviour and make their user journey as seamless as possible – converting website visitors into customers through the optimum performance of your website.

Make a bold statement online.

Comprehensive web design is the key to making your business stand out online. Our web design services will effectively facilitate the growth of your business by designing your site to connect with your customers. By conveying your brand value and establishing your experience, expertise, and trustworthiness, your website is designed to perform in today’s competitive online marketplace.

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We are ready to partner with you in growing your business in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.


Our customer testimonials showcase our commitment to delivering custom solutions that function flawlessly while elevating your brand’s design aesthetic.


A performance-driven Digital Marketing Agency.

Partners in growing your business.

PREBO DIGITAL is an expert Performance Marketing Agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa, servicing the world. We understand the influence of digital media on brand and business by blending innovation and efficiency into producing first-rate services for our clients.

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What People Say

"In the 4 months since we joined hands with Prebo our leads quantity and quality has increased with much more direct impact on our target market. The team is on point and forever in contact with new ideas and solutions to maximize our potential within the set budget cap. Very innovative group of people!" 

Rikus Booyens

We partner with Prebo digital as they are cutting edge for maximising ROI on facebook and google when it comes to PPC.

Keith Kingston


"Prebo will take your business to the next level. Extremely smart people, great service. Always go above and beyond."

Mike Gray

Prebo Digital is just the absolute best! Truly a dream team that's passionate about growing your business to new heights.



"Working with Prebodigital on the development of our Website, Reimagined project has been a great experience. They have given us undivided care and attention and really took the time to understand the brief and our unique customer journeys."



"A great team of digital experts to work with. They provide a personalised approach and really take the time to get to know your business.

Anne-Marie Green


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At PREBO DIGITAL, our commitment and vision are to grow your business to the next level.

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