Client and content writer – a match made in heaven

The tenuous relationship between client and content writer can result in stormy waters or calm seas. In a previous blog article, the potential likelihood of conflict arising between client and content writer was explored. The emphasis was on how the content writer could get the most from their client. In this article, attention will be focused on how the client can get the most from their content writer.

Skirting the tensions is possible and the reality of a perfect partnership is certainly a possibility.

A content writer is an invaluable asset and an intrinsic addition to a client’s strategic marketing goals and brand vision. By letting them do what they do best – which is writing, allows you to do what you do best – run your business. 
A content writer is your secret weapon to growing your business and giving your brand unique and creative exposure. 
They do this by skillfully using words. 
Their reach is broad, especially across social media platforms and in streamlining your online presence. Their professional content, promoting your business and engaging with your customers, is hugely significant and beneficial. This is a potentially powerful relationship.
A content writer is a puzzle piece which uniquely fits your business.
How to get the most from your content writer:

Trust their skill:

First and foremost, a content writer is a writer. That is why you need them. They are talented in their craft with words and manipulate words to present your brand message in a relevant, fresh and exciting way. They not only turn readers into customers, but they continue engaging those customers with inspirational, informative, entertaining and persuasive content. Content writers have the means, though their words, to sustain the loyalty of your customers.  

View them as consultants:

You may be an expert in your brand, but they are the experts in giving your brand exposure. They do this by producing content that showcases your product or service in an influential way. Words have power, keywords have SEO power and your content writer knows how to use both for the best of your business. 
Give clarity as to the purpose, tone, style and audience of the piece to be written. The writer needs to know what you want to achieve from the content. 
Communicate what words you like or don’t like and give a clear framework wherein the writer can work their magic. Consider their input and respect their suggestions. Your goal is their goal.

Give them creative license:

Writers are creative people. Restricting that creativity and passion will be counterproductive. If you have been clear, transparent and forthcoming with your expectations, the best thing is to give your content writer a measure of creative freedom. They are unlikely to disappoint you. This will result in dynamic content that comes alive, tells a story, has soul and authenticity and will connect with your audience.
Viewing your content writer though this lens, will make for a happy and long standing partnership that will benefit your business and give it a competitive edge. All will be plain sailing. 
That is what the words of a content writer can do.