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Oculus Curae was established in 2020 in Fairfield, New Jersey. With a focus on eye care products which include lens care and eye supplements. They would like to be acknowledged as a business that provides premium quality, reliability, and competitive pricing.

Oculus Curae partnered with Prebo Digital to establish a strong Amazon brand presence and reputation with the goal of scalable profitability.

Prebo Digital worked on product-focused campaigns using optimised PPC bidding, targeting and listing optimisation methods to increase product impressions alongside competitor listings.

A combination of PPC strategies, keyword optimisation, and review follow-ups were introduced to increase organic sales and reviews.

The approach resulted in over 700 reviews with a 4.6 positive rating and over 50% of sales coming from organic sales as more and more people become repeat buyers and users of the product. The increased product presence also resulted in products being frequently included in the Amazon top 100 bestsellers.

The Challenge
 • Single product brand.
 • Competitive environment.
 • Low margins.

The Approach
• Testing with pricing & shipping charges to find the ideal product size, price and shipping balance.
• Off-amazon advertising.
• Review collection strategies.
• Branded content.
• Analyse competitor listings and competitive advertising.
• Keyword research for relevance, volume and competition levels.
• Optimize listing with relevant keywords.
• Aggressive growth strategy to build a customer base for future profitability.

The Results
• 11x growth in sales from advertising while staying within target aCos / ROI within 10 months.
• Onboard client on FBA including product variant testing.
• Grow organic rankings to the top 15 of Amazon on key search terms in a highly competitive category, resulting in significant additional organic revenue.


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