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Ram Rugby have been proud suppliers of rugby equipment and custom clothing to over 3000 clubs and schools for 15 years. Providing affordable, great quality gear with customer service to match is what makes them the No.1 supplier in the UK.

RAM Rugby has partnered with Prebo Digital to tackle the challenges to improve Amazon experience, profitability and online sales.

Prebo Digital worked on a detailed, product category level setup of the PPC accounts to ensure product-level sales can be achieved and optimized at a much-improved ROI. This was achieved through well-structured campaigns combined with automation across large-scale campaigns.
On Amazon, numerous A/B tests were conducted to improve profitability and maximize sales without overspending on ads.
The approach taken led to a 67% increase in profitability in the first 6 months with a 31% lower aCos and ads revenue increase of 360%.

The Challenge
 • Grow revenue
 • Grow order volumes
 • Improve organic rankings
 • Improve profitability

The Approach
• Automation
• Campaign restructuring and optimization
• Listing optimization

The Results
• 67% growth in profitability in first 6 months
• 62% growth in total sales in first 12 months
• 31% lower aCos while Ads revenue grew 360%


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Prebo Digital is just the absolute best! Truly a dream team that's passionate about growing your business to new heights. 

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We partner with Prebo digital as they are cutting edge for maximising ROI on facebook and google when it comes to PPC.

Keith Kingston


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