It Takes Two to Write Great Content

It Takes Two to Write Great Content
Content may be king, but the content does not write itself. Behind every piece of content or copy (short-form or long-form), is a content writer or content team; the little writing minions who generate the magic. If you want the world to fall in love with your brand, then you need content that sparkles and that means you need a creative content team.

As the Congolese proverb states – ‘A single bracelet does not jingle.’  

Even if you are a digital marketing agency which offers content writing as a service to your clients, ideally you should invest in more than one content writer. They will prove invaluable to your business.

Here are 7 value-added benefits of a content team:

#1 Spreads the load

If content writing is part of your business’ service arsenal, then there are probably a large number of blog articles or content required for your client base. Overloading one writer with all the content writing expectations and timelines can become overwhelming and stifle creativity. You do not want a content writer who just goes through the motions to get the job done. A writer stuck in a rut will not help in achieving the overarching objectives of your clients.

#2 Sparks ideas

Any writer will tell you that brainstorming is key before their fingers hit the keyboard. Their misunderstood and compulsive passion for notebooks is legitimately part of their creative process.

Creative content writing team

Sparking ideas for articles and relevant content that will engage clients and promote their brands is vital. Having more than one content writer means that a writer never stays shackled to one way of approaching content. It is necessary to be pushed out of any comfort-zone thinking and writing. Content writing must never become too predictable or monotonous. Your clients will thank you for this.

#3 Styles of writing

I am guessing that if you are a Digital Marketing Agency, you have a broad and varied client base – with each client’s brand, service or product embracing a variety of target audiences. More than one content writer enables them to connect with various audiences and keeps content creative, relevant and on track. Each writer brings their own context, worldview, life experience and perspective to the writing table which keeps all content fresh, exciting and varied.

Content writing team startegy

#4 Sweetens the deal

Every writer is an underground critic of another’s writing. They cannot help themselves. But this added dimension of editing and accountability on your content team is significant. A writer can always be a better writer. Having your content checked and proofread by a fellow writer will result in quality writing. This excellence translates to your overall reputation and increased value for your client. A win-win situation.

#5 Steps in the gap

Life happens. People get sick, crises occur and holidays need to be planned. This is where having more than one content writer is a huge advantage to your business. You can manage the gap. No apologies have to be made and deadlines can still be met.

#6 Stimulates growth

The world of digital marketing is dynamic and doesn’t stand still. A content writer cannot just be a writer in this ever-changing and fast-paced environment. Content writers need to understand the various aspects of the industry as it affects SEO, CTR, CTA, PPC, UTM etc. This requires training and development within the various fields – to get a ‘big-picture’ understanding and to make sure the content is doing what it should be doing for your clients. Having more than one content writer on your team frees up time to offer these growth opportunities, which means everyone reaps the benefits.

#7 Supports each other

In a business environment, support and someone having your back are so important. A lone ranger mentality can be dangerous and counterintuitive to a business’s inner workings. A team means the individual remains enthusiastic, gains confidence and is likely to produce excellent content. This outcome only increases the trust value that your clients will place in your business.
If you want your business’ content to shine and achieve the desired effect for your clients, make sure you have a content team. They will thank you and so will your clients.

It may take two to tango, but in the world of performance marketing, it takes two to write great content.


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