Want to sell on Amazon? 8 Questions to ask in your preparation.

Amazon has finally opened registration for South African sellers ahead of its e-commerce operations launch in 2024. With many South African businesses wanting to dive into this promising new business venture, there are plenty of reasons to jump on the bandwagon.

Regarded as one of the world’s most valuable brands, there’s sound logic behind the decision of many local businesses to get their ducks in a row before registering to sell on an established multinational online marketplace like Amazon. 

Even though the exact launch date for 2024 is still unclear, it is important to take note of important information to ensure you are ready to go as soon as they open up to 3rd party sellers.

We’ve put together a list of important questions to help you prepare for registering your account on Amazon. 

#1 Where do you plan to send your Amazon order returns?

#2 Which shipping (fulfilment) method will you use?

#3 Will you use a DBA name?

#4 Is your category of products on Amazon’s gated list?

#5 Are your GS1 barcodes ready & registered?

#6 Have you thought through your pricing strategy?

#7 Do you have a registered trademark?

#8 What marketing agency should you partner with on your Amazon journey?

Read our latest blog on Bizcommunity to uncover the answers to key questions in your preparation. Amazon is here. Get started with us.

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