3 Reasons you should consider selling on Amazon SA

3 Reasons you should consider selling on Amazon SA
The rumours are true and the plans are in place; Amazon South Africa is almost on our doorstep. (You can count on this just as much as you can count on loadshedding; it’s a given). 
Codenamed ‘Project Fela,’ Amazon’s expansion plans for the South African marketplace are set for early 2023. Finally, our collective Amazon envy and FOMO can be put to rest. And for e-commerce business owners and entrepreneurs, NOW is definitely the time to get in on the action and be ahead of the pack. 

Amazon’s global reputation as a trusted online shopping platform and a consumer-centric company is well established. This means that Amazon is entering the South African online shopping landscape with a proven track record and a retail infrastructure that has the potential to reach millions of customers. Leveraging this for your online business by selling your products on Amazon SA is a savvy e-commerce strategy. 

Here are 3 reasons for you to consider selling on Amazon SA:

#1 Large AND emerging brands thrive on Amazon

With its consumer-first business model, the Amazon marketplace has always been the leading platform for online shoppers and the launching pad of choice for online businesses. Being listed on the biggest product search engine, with a reputation to match, is the ‘perfect storm’ for any brand to thrive by driving sales, acquiring new customers and building brand awareness. 

The proof is in the stats. In the US, 75% of shoppers use Amazon to discover new products and brands and 52% of shoppers are more willing to buy an unfamiliar brand in Amazon’s store. This is good news for any emerging SME. 

Amazon online shoppers

From a distance, South African e-commerce businesses have watched this success story from a distance. And now, with Amazon SA’s imminent launch, a huge opportunity presents itself. 

“For years South African entrepreneurs have been desperate to be able to sell on the world’s biggest eCommerce platform Amazon.” -Businesstech.  And come Q1 of 2023 – if you have your Amazon ducks in a row – you will be able to finally do so but you need to be ready and well-prepared. 

It is worth heeding Insaka founder, Warrick Kernes’, advice: “This is a game-changer for South African online sellers and any local entrepreneurs who produce goods which have international demand.” 

Watch this panel discussion from industry experts, including our CEO, on best practices you need to be putting in place right now to be ready to sell on Amazon SA. 

#2 SA Consumers are chomping at the bit to shop on Amazon

The South African online consumer sector is ready; they are more than ready. Local online shopping trends have increased and a Goliath competitor like Amazon entering the local sector cannot be ignored. (You most likely are not going to be able to beat them so you should be joining them). Your local target audience will need no persuading to shop on Amazon SA.

Reason to sell on Amazon SA

In the US, Amazon is the #1 shopping destination. Reasons include better product selection, better prices and a better customer experience thanks to online reviews. That is what Amazon is known for and it will be no different when they launch in South Africa.  

As an entrepreneur, you have a one-time opportunity to get in at the grassroots level and take full advantage of the trust that online shoppers will already have in Amazon as a marketplace in South Africa.  

#3 Access to Amazon growth tools

If ‘ubuntu’ is a South African community philosophy, then Amazon is the online version. If you choose to sell on Amazon SA, you won’t have to go solo. As a listed seller on Amazon, you will have access to tools to help you grow and protect your brand or product. Then there are advanced assistive software tools to help you improve traffic and conversions. 

Prebo Digital

As the excitement grows, you may be left with a slight panic at the steps needed to get your e-commerce business ready to enter the South African Amazon stage. 

Here at Prebo Digital, we are uniquely positioned to help you take full advantage of this opportunity and advise you on all you need to start selling on Amazon SA. 

As a Verified Amazon Ads Partner and one of the first marketing agencies in South Africa offering marketing services for Amazon, we’ve been helping our clients across various industries in North America and Europe grow their businesses on Amazon since 2019. That gives us the industry expertise to help you now. 

Get in touch for a free 20-minute consultation. We’d love to partner with you in growing your e-commerce business and helping you launch your brand on Amazon SA.


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