UNICEF South Africa Joins Hands with Prebo Digital

UNICEF South Africa Joins Hands with Prebo Digital
Prebo Digital is happy to announce an exciting client relationship with UNICEF South Africa for digital marketing services. As a performance marketing agency, partnering with businesses to grow their online presence and achieve their business goals through efficient and effective marketing, is what we do best. We take pride in devoting our time and skills to making their passion our own. 

Working with a humanitarian NPO, however, results in quite a different but exciting challenge – forcing us to think even further outside the digital box! In December 2019, UNICEF South Africa joined Prebo Digital’s client list with a specific vision and strategy to grow their brand online and increase donor support. Through our innovative application of expertise and efficiency, we are determined to meet these goals and vision. 

As we have worked together to grow their donor support through our services, UNICEF South Africa’s campaigns and initiatives have grown our hearts. 

Working for the perfect fit

It takes a digital village. Strategies shift when the bottom line of an organization is not a customer base but rather a donor support base. An agency that does work in the digital space – creating awareness around campaigns on social media platforms, Google and content creation – free up UNICEF South Africa to focus on what they do best on-the-ground: rolling up their sleeves and making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children in communities across South Africa.

We have the unique skill set to assist them on that journey. 

Working for the greater good

As a humanitarian organization, UNICEF South Africa’s brand philosophy is all about giving back. The focus is not about making a profit, but about making a difference. Conventional return on investment (ROI) and customer conversion rates take a back seat to the urgent need to find individual partners who will invest in sustainable programmes that will uplift the broader community. Instead of your online monetary payment getting something delivered to your door, your online donation delivers hope to the doors of others.

We have the privilege to be part of that.  

Working for every child

UNICEF South Africa’s sole mandate is protecting the rights of every child. This is the driving force behind every campaign initiative. We get to contribute to this cause-related marketing strategy, becoming a small cog in the machine of change in our neighbouring communities. 

To date, we have employed our services and had digital hands-on input in the following campaigns:

Campaign #1 – #DeliverFutures

The Deliver Futures Campaign was a 2019 festive season initiative to combat acute malnutrition and kickstart a new future. This involved the delivery of boxes containing micronutrient powder and high-energy peanut paste to malnourished children across the globe.

Campaign #2 – #EveryChildAlive

The Every Child Alive Campaign was a 2020 New Year initiative to put an end to preventable newborn deaths that occur daily. This was focused on giving vulnerable mothers and babies access to affordable, quality healthcare, good nutrition, and clean water.

Campaign #3 – #LittleHandsMatter

With the sudden rise of a global pandemic – prompting an immediate campaign response – we’ve been hands-on with the Little Hands Matter initiative. In working alongside UNICEF South Africa, we have helped in their quest to successfully achieve their campaign objectives to build and roll out over 100 handwashing stations in under-resourced areas in the fight to curb the ongoing spread of life-threatening diseases.

We have been proud to collaborate on these campaigns, sharing the vision and hope ‘for every child.’

Looking ahead, we are excited and confident to be able to assist UNICEF South Africa in the important work they do across the country. 

UNICEF South Africa works to promote the rights of every child and support children to reach their full potential.

PREBO Digital is a performance marketing agency founded on the belief that great businesses are built on great partnerships. We deliver a collaborative, measurable, and business objective-focused approach to growing your business.

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