I remember back in high school that between all the growing up, attending class and having good times with friends, there were assignments and tests. Looking back, there were 2 types of them. The ones you had to do because if you didn’t you would be in trouble at school and at home..really not an option. And then there were the assignments and tests which were fun to do. Now those might be different for everyone. For me, it was economics & management and specifically writing business plans that got me excited. (yes, I still had a life in case you were wondering!)The business plan assignments I knew were one day going to be what I would be doing for a living. Helping business build out a strategic plan to establish them and make them grow.
Fast forward to today, I can now see why it excites me so to work with organizations looking to grow. One of the things companies use to grow their business is marketing. Other techniques obviously include different forms of value chain integration, customer segmentation, clever pricing and horizontal expansion. Back to marketing. Over the past 4 years working at Google I’ve seen that marketing and specifically (digital) advertising is easy to sell. You do your exams and you claim to be a professional or expert.
What you as a client don’t know is how well (or not) this advertising expert understands business logic and specifically your business.
There have been countless examples of, especially larger organizations, that tick the digital marketing box and measure numbers (especially big numbers like millions of impressions sound really impressive) to be able to claim success. How does it impact your business?
Or lots of unclear explanations with using fancy words…
One of the reasons for me to leave Google and start working as a consultant is to fix the above issue. When I started at Google I was doing exactly that which I now disagree with out of ignorance. Over the years I learned by studying and working with great people.
Now, I strongly believe based on knowledge and proven case studies (growing sales 40% YoY with minimal investment) that linking advertising directly to your key business objectives. Not even to your marketing objectives but directly to your business objectives has a hugely positive impact on results, time of results and cost efficiency.
Because you don’t need a huge budget or very expensive agency to get proper results out of digital. It works.
My 2 cents to you as a client using digital advertising or considering to use it. Be critical and make sure everything you do ties back to what your business objectives are. Don’t tick the boxes, it’s not worth it. If you do it, do it well and thought through.