Amazon Sponsored Ads and Stores Launch in South Africa: What This Means for Sellers

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Big news for South African sellers: Amazon has officially launched Sponsored Ads and Stores in South Africa as of July 1, 2024! This move opens up a plethora of opportunities for local businesses to expand their reach, increase brand awareness, and boost sales. With South Africa poised to reach over 27 million online shoppers by 2028, this launch couldn’t come at a better time. Let’s dive into what this means for sellers and how you can use these new advertising tools.

What Launched?

Amazon has introduced four key advertising features in South Africa:

Sponsored Products: Promote individual listings to shoppers as they browse and discover items on Amazon. Ideal for sellers new to advertising.

Sponsored Brands: Create ads featuring multiple products, your brand logo, and a custom headline. Video options are available for deeper shopper engagement.

Sponsored Display: Engage shoppers throughout their shopping and entertainment journeys. This is perfect for extending your reach and driving conversions.

Amazon Stores: Build a custom brand experience with a tailored Store, showcasing your bestsellers, seasonal collections, and brand story at no cost.

Why Is This Important?

The South African e-commerce market is rapidly growing, with expectations of over 27 million online shoppers by 2028. Amazon Ads provide an effective way to reach this expanding audience, driving brand awareness and sales. By leveraging these tools, South African sellers can tap into a proven platform that has helped countless businesses thrive in other markets.

Understanding Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products are pay-per-click (PPC) ads that promote individual product listings. They appear in search results and on product detail pages, helping you reach customers actively searching for products like yours.

How to Set Up Sponsored Products: Setting up Sponsored Products is simple. First, register for an Amazon advertising account. Then, select the products you want to advertise, set your budget, and create your ad. Amazon provides tools to help you optimize your campaigns for better performance.

Boosting Brand Awareness with Sponsored Brands

Features of Sponsored Brands: Sponsored Brands ads allow you to showcase multiple products, your logo, and a custom headline. These ads can appear in prominent placements, such as the top of search results, and can include video content to engage shoppers.

Steps to Create Effective Sponsored Brands Ads:

  1. Define Your Goals: Determine whether you’re focusing on brand awareness, traffic, or sales.
  2. Select Products: Choose a selection of products that best represent your brand.
  3. Create Engaging Content: Use high-quality images and compelling headlines to attract attention.
  4. Optimize Campaigns: Regularly review and adjust your ads based on performance metrics.

Extending Reach with Sponsored Display

What is Sponsored Display?: Sponsored Display ads are designed to reach shoppers across Amazon and beyond. They can appear on Amazon’s homepage, product detail pages, and even third-party websites.

Benefits of Using Sponsored Display: Sponsored Display helps you engage with customers at various stages of their shopping journey, from awareness to consideration and conversion. These ads can help you re-engage past customers and attract new ones.

Strategies for Maximizing Reach:

  1. Target Audience: Use Amazon’s audience targeting options to reach specific shopper segments.
  2. Creative Ads: Develop visually appealing ads that capture attention.
  3. Monitor Performance: Continuously track and adjust your campaigns to ensure optimal performance.

Building Customer Loyalty with Amazon Stores

Overview of Amazon Stores: Amazon Stores are custom, multi-page shopping destinations that let you create a tailored brand experience. They are free to use and can help build customer loyalty by showcasing your products and brand story.

Designing an Effective Store: Start by selecting a template that fits your brand’s style. Use high-quality images, engaging videos, and clear navigation to enhance the shopping experience. Regularly update your Store with new products and seasonal collections.

Getting Started with Amazon Ads in South Africa

Eligibility and Requirements: To start using Amazon Ads, you must be a registered seller or vendor on Ensure your products are well-listed and optimized for the South African market.

Steps to Register for an Advertising Account:

  1. Sign In: Log in to your Amazon seller or vendor account.
  2. Access Advertising Console: Navigate to the advertising section.
  3. Set Up Your First Campaign: Choose the type of ad you want to create, set your budget, and launch your campaign.

Tips for New Advertisers: Start with a small budget and gradually increase it as you see positive results. Use Amazon’s resources and tutorials to learn best practices for each ad type.

Challenges and Opportunities

Navigating the new advertising tools and understanding the best practices can be challenging initially. However, with the right guidance and resources, these hurdles can be overcome. The introduction of Amazon Ads in South Africa presents a significant growth opportunity. By effectively using these tools, sellers can expand their reach, increase brand awareness, and boost sales.

How Prebo Digital Can Help

Prebo Digital is a verified Amazon Ads Partner with five years of experience helping brands grow on Amazon in the US and Europe. We provide comprehensive services, including PPC campaign management, account strategy support, listing optimization, and more.


The launch of Amazon Sponsored Ads and Stores in South Africa is a game-changer for local sellers. By leveraging these tools, you can reach thousands of potential customers, boost your brand’s visibility, and drive sales. We are here to help you navigate this new landscape and achieve your business goals. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your brand with Amazon Ads!

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