Strategic Scaling of Lead Volume and Quality to Drive 35% Increase In Closed Deals

The Challenge

  • Scaling leads volume while maintaining lead quality and lead efficiency.
  • Increase closed deals in relation to leads volume
  • Lift digital maturity by improving measurement, creative and strategy

The Approach

  • Intent & audience-based lead generation campaigns on Google and Facebook
  • Gradually increase ad spend over 6 months by 65%
  • Implement custom lead scoring for improved optimisation
  • Conversion rate optimization on lead form

The Results

  • 55% increase in leads
  • 35% increase in deals
  • 65% increase in spend with only a 6.5% increase in CPL
  • Only 12% decrease in  lead to deal conversion rate despite sharp increase in leads volume

Strategic Scaling of Lead Volume and Quality to Drive 35% Increase In Closed Deals

A vehicle dealer approached Prebo Digital to help them scale lead volume and improve lead quality at the same rate, and more importantly, to increase closed deals through high quality lead generation.

To tackle this multifaceted challenge, Prebo Digital devised a comprehensive, multi-platform strategy across Google and Meta ads. Over 6 months, we strategically ramped up the ad spend by 65%, ensuring each step was backed by data and every Rand was accounted for in terms of potential return on investment (ROI). 

A custom lead scoring model was created, allowing for real-time assessment of lead quality based on certain lead attributes which would qualify it as a “higher value lead”, in turn resulting in more closed deals as the lead quality improved. This first party data was consequently used to optimise campaign bidding and platform budget allocation. 

Prebo Digital also recommended various lead form optimisations and mobile site improvements to increase the lead form conversion rate.

This business experienced a remarkable 55% increase in lead volume and, deal closures experienced a 35% growth, underlining the success of our tailored campaigns as typically, when businesses scale up quickly, it is at the expense of lead quality and cost per lead. Despite the significant growth in leads, the conversion rate remained high, validating our lead scoring and optimization strategies’ effectiveness in maintaining quality amidst growth.


Since we joined hands with Prebo our leads quantity and quality has increased with much more direct impact on our target market. The team is on point and forever in contact with new ideas and solutions to maximize our potential within the set budget cap. Very innovative group of people!

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