Prebo Digital Turns Data into Action With Increased Form Conversion Rates

The Challenge

  • Improve form start rate on mobile landing page
  • Remove friction during long form completions (20+ questions)
  • Improve mobile conversion rate

The Approach

  • User data analysis through in-field form tracking and event tracking
  • Best practice research from behavioural science and neuromarketing
  • Competitor review
  • Provide key recommendations for implementation:
    • Conversational content
    • CTAs in line with customer expectations
    • Remove friction on form input fields including device specific recommendations
    • Use psychological  validation content to build trust and encourage progress
  • Develop real-time dashboard to track progress

The Results

  • 12% improvement in mobile long form completion rate
  • 28% improvement in form starts

Prebo Digital Turns Data into Action With Increased Form Conversion Rates

Weelee is an online platform and car trader that is revolutionising the way people buy, sell, and trade cars. Originally established as a start-up in 2017, Weelee quickly emerged as a leading challenger to the dominant player in the market. With its commitment to providing options, convenience, speed, and safety to customers, Weelee has become a trusted destination for individuals seeking a seamless car transaction experience, whether they are selling, buying or trading in their car.

Prebo Digital, with a long-standing relationship with Weelee, embarked on a new challenge to further support their business growth. This next step in our partnership aimed to maximize results by focusing on long-form conversion rate optimisation. The initial form users had to complete to sell their car contained over 20 questions, presented in a not-so-user-friendly way, causing significant friction and hindering user engagement. Our goal was to optimise the form experience, enhance mobile conversion rates, drive higher completion rates all while still capturing important data through the form to properly qualify leads.

To tackle this challenge, Prebo Digital adopted a comprehensive approach that encompassed data analysis, in-field form tracking, and extensive research on global best practices. By analysing user behaviour and engagement patterns, valuable insights were gained into the pain points and bottlenecks that hindered form completion. Leveraging this data, Prebo Digital provided key recommendations to optimise the form layout, content, and design to create a more conversational and user-friendly experience. We aligned the call-to-action buttons with customer expectations, reducing confusion and encouraging progress. Furthermore, based on Prebo Digital’s recommendations, Weelee strategically implemented psychological validation techniques within the content to build trust and instil confidence in the users. To track our progress in real-time, we developed a customised dashboard that provides actionable metrics and insights for continuous improvements.

Together, our efforts yielded remarkable results. We achieved a 12% improvement in the completion rate of the form which resulted in significantly more deals. Users were more inclined to start the form, resulting in a 28% increase in users starting the journey to upload their car for sale.

The above partnership with Prebo Digital sets Weelee up to further match their excellent customer experience, validated by a 10/10 score on HelloPeter, with the experience new customers will have when loading their car on the website.  

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