How Prebo Digital Increased Organic Website Traffic by 33% in 6 Months

The Challenge

  • Increase traffic website traffic related to target keywords.
  • Improve organic online visibility to assist paid search traffic campaigns. 
  • Increase the number of ranking keywords.

The Approach

  • Target high search volume keywords that are relevant to the business.
  • Incorporate these keywords across on-page and off-page SEO elements. 
  • Build links to improve domain authority. 
  • Curate helpful content relevant to selling accident-damaged cars.

The Results

  • Organic website traffic grew by 33%
  • Average ranking improved by 29%
  • Ranking keywords increased by 34%

How Prebo Digital Increased Organic Website Traffic by 33% in 6 Months

A vehicle dealer approached Prebo Digital to help them with their organic search visibility. With the majority of potential customers turning to search engines to sell their damaged cars, increasing website traffic and improving organic visibility became imperative for the dealer’s continued success.

Prebo Digital began by conducting in-depth keyword research, identifying high-volume keywords relevant to the dealer’s business. These keywords formed the cornerstone of their SEO strategy, serving as the roadmap to increased visibility and improved search engine rankings.

Prebo Digital set out to optimise every aspect of the dealer’s website. From fine-tuning on-page elements to crafting compelling meta tags and descriptions. Off-page optimization efforts were also undertaken, with Prebo Digital building quality backlinks to boost the dealer’s domain authority and solidify their digital footprint.

But perhaps the most crucial component of Prebo Digital’s strategy was content creation. Understanding the importance of providing value to their audience, they curated informative and engaging content tailored to potential customers interested in selling damaged cars. By positioning the dealer as an authority in their field and addressing the needs of their target audience, Prebo Digital ensured that every piece of content served a dual purpose: driving traffic and building trust.

In just a matter of months, the dealer’s website experienced a 33% increase in organic traffic. Average search engine ranking saw a substantial improvement of 29%, while the number of ranking keywords skyrocketed by 34%. These tangible results were a testament to the effectiveness of Prebo Digital’s targeted SEO approach and the power of collaboration between agency and client.

Since we joined hands with Prebo our leads quantity and quality has increased with much more direct impact on our target market. The team is on point and forever in contact with new ideas and solutions to maximize our potential within the set budget cap. Very innovative group of people!

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